Paul Pogba, a 29-year-old footballer, the current central midfielder for Juventus and is in the French national team was recently accused of using a witch doctor for his boost his soccer career.

On top of that, the accusations were made by Pogba’s brother, Mathias Pogba who also claims that the soccer star does not even bother about ‘human existence’ and that he is capable of abandoning his family.

Back in 2016, spectators observed ‘moths’ rushing across the playing field and Mathias claims that those were not moths but they were actually butterflies.

Those butterflies reached there due to a “spell” cast by Paul Pogba’s alleged witch doctor, says Mathias in an incredible spell of revelations that has kept the football world abuzz for days.

As the issue went further, it was told to the British press that Pogba admitted that he used a witchcraft practitioner or marabout in french, to assist him with his career. He then added that he used their services to also help starving children in Africa. This is due to him having links with an aid organisation.

He then added that he has never used any form of black magic against fellow footballer Kylian Mbappe, dismissing rumours in the process. Pogba stands firm on his ground that he never has the intention to hurt anyone, especially Mbappe.

Mbappe is a young French international soccer star (aged 23) who won the World Cup with Pogba as his team mate.

Meanwhile, Kylian Mbappe has been playing well in his last few recent games, he always has an allure of magic while playing. He evaded a number of defenders in order to score a remarkable solo. The 23-year-old French superstar stunned his audience in Paris by making the first goal for his team against Austria.

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Mathias and others speculated that Paul Pogba, the former Manchester United player paid the hazy and sketchy African mystic with odd ties to Islam to curse Kylian Mbappe.

Pogba’s sibling claimed that the black magic practitioner used charms to help him win games. This was after alleging that Pogba was using him to hex Mbappe.

Paul was involved in an incident where he was held hostage and threatened in order to be extorted out of his money. This happened in Paris, all the way back in March this year. 

Mathias then stated “Everyone wondered why I didn’t make my revelations directly, thinking it was to blackmail my brother, but what I wanted was for him to take responsibility for himself and fix his injustices.

“Because one always hopes for his brother to reform. We want to believe that the brother we loved still exists. But when this brother comes to scoff at human life, even as part of his family, there is nothing left to hope for. That’s why I tried appeasement.” 


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