The unfortunate news that Pele had a tumour removed last year, and currently he is in palliative care in Brazil. This means that he has moved to “end-of-life care.” Many are upset as Pele is still remembered by many for broking many records during his time as a footballer.

Just when Brazil started their World Cup campaign he posted a few words of kindness on Instagram. Today we start writing a new story. No matter the size and tradition of the opponents: we must respect and play each match with the focus of a final.”

“It is important to play beautifully, yes, but it is also essential to leave everything on the pitch. “Today, we will be more than 200 million hearts beating as one, vibrating with each achievement of our Selecao.

“I am sending all positive energies to you. I’m sure we’ll have a happy ending. God bless you. Bring this trophy home!”

Fan reaction towards Pele’s declining health 


On Twitter, he has been dubbed as the “King of Football.” There was another photo where he held three World Cup trophies. He shocked the world with his skills when he was younger and even today, his records are still almost unbeaten. 

Fans stated that he is the true greatest of all time as he was light years ahead of the current players that we have today. A comparison between Pele and Messi is that when Pele was 35, he had won three World Cups, while Messi is still chasing his, claimed a fan. 


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Qatar has lit up the torch tower in respect for the footballer. Some fans were unhappy at the “get well soon” message as they felt that it was inappropriate. Others defended Qatar in writing hopes that he would get well soon as it is better than anticipating his death. 

Some comments say Pele is no better than the younger generation of players. However, the backlash they got over such a remark is uncanny. Older football fans educated the younger ones stating that during Pele’s time, footballers were at their peak and Brazil was playing with 100% of their players and still managed to win three World Cups. 

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