The rumours floating around in the football world is that Brighton is looking for a new manager. One to replace Graham Potter that has recently left to replace Thomas Tuchel in Chelsea. It has been said that they are having their eyes set on Ole Gunnar Soslkjaer.

Ole Gunnar looks keen to return to the Premier League after he left Manchester United in December 2021, being replaced by Erik ten Hag. He has not been in charge of any major teams since his departure from United. It was noted that he left the team due to constant underwhelming performances.

He has not been in the press for a decent amount of time, more than 10 months to be exact. Ole Gunnar wanted to leave the spotlight after doing his goodbye interview. A gracious way to leave the Premier League under such stressful circumstances. 

Brighton has been eyeing a few potential managers since Potter left, and they are perfectly fine with taking their time looking for the perfect one. Regardless, with Potter’s actions in Chelsea’s games in the Champions League, Brighton does not require much for their managers it might appear. 

Although, according to the press, contrary to seeing how Potter is running Chelsea, they are quite vigorous and strict when looking for a manager. Brighton may be gambling their luck when they take in Ole Gunnar due to his track record with United. 

He was capable of handling United, the players got along well with him which are one of the most important pillars for a manager to achieve. However, when it comes to important decision making and tactics, that is where he is still slightly behind when compared to the likes of Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel. 

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He helped United to win second place and has also managed to get the team into the Europa League. As a team with a household name, Manchester United, one would always assume that they would always be in the Champions League due to their long standing history of winning. 

Tidens Krav said that the six-time Premier League champion is practising with Kristiansund players for two or three times per week. With an arrangement as such, he has more time to spend with his family, in contrast to managing a big team like United. 

During his final interview with Manchester United, he brought up the topic of family values and stated the difficulties of visiting his family during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

He then explained: “I’ll spend some time with my family. It’s probably been the most difficult part during the pandemic – with Norway being open and here being closed – my family moved back to Norway and the young one, he loves it back there. We’ve lived apart.”


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