Neymar Wife, Career, Family, Relationship, and Net Worth 2022

Neymar recently had a fight for a name Natalia Barulich, she now the sole wife of professional footballer Neymar Jr. So here are the recent stats of their relationship status with each other. so take a look at Neymar Wife, Career, Family, Relationship, and Net Worth 2022.

Neymar Jr is a known footballer who has many fans across the world. he had made his name in the football World by performing well in the games. He had won many awards and lead the team towards victory as many times as possible. Neymar is also one of the most prominent sportsmen in the world.

Neymar Wife Career

Natalia Barulich is an American model also a ballet dancer with many performance shows. She also has her own liking towards Dj and likes to play the song. The 30-year-old model had spent here 25 years in the entertainment industry and also has an acting career in many shows and movies.

Neymar Wife, Career, Family, Relationship, and Net Worth 2022

Neymar Wife Family

Natalia Barulich and Neymar have no kids yet as per the record maintained to display it to the public. they had been dating each other for years and lastly, decide to get married and maintain the relationship. She was born in California and also shaped her career in that region with the prior support of her parents.

Neymar Wife Relationship

Neymar jr wife Natalia Barulich had quite a relationship at an early age. Natalia had also dated many producers and music composers earlier and had a relationship with maluma who was a popular Colombian music star. There was also a fight among the music and football star which was viral on the internet.

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Neymar Wife Net Worth

Natalia Barulich has a net worth of $800 thousand as per the latest data. The current wife of Neymar junior had also been a reason for a rise in net worth. Natalia is been working in the industry for more than 20 years since the age of 5. His real career took a boost when she participated in the Miss California competition.

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