Brazilian soccer ace, Neymar Jr did not know what will happen after his diving spree during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. As a result, YouTube and even Facebook were getting filled with a new ‘diving’ series with the Neymar diving skill showing itself all over the world.

It is still hilarious, it is still part of the soccer memes with a big viewing experience on social media and Neymar is doing little to make this go away.

Mind you, the striker is still falling and yelling at the simplest touches in the Ligue 1 in France, though his skills are a bit rusty nowadays, one can say.

The question remains: Will Neymar make it to the memes for the Qatar world cup?

Let us see some of the funniest Neymar rolling videos and parodies before we continue:


This video shows the instances where Neymar could not keep his feet on the ground as he falls constantly at the simplest touches from opponents, apparently.

In this video, we can see how his ‘rolling’ spree was sparking a world-wide ‘rolling’ spree among soccer fans and budding soccer players.

They must have found it very funny or perhaps they thought that his skills were the new sets they they need to play football?


In passing, let us watch a bit of Cristiano Ronaldo in his Dive Movie which is also on YouTube

But let me tell you, the Ron movie is real, that is he is not faking the dives, unlike some other players.

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Nevertheless, at this point it is good to watch the Neymar Rolling Shooting Star challenge 2018 for a recap of what really took place at the Moscow World Cup. Here it is.

 If you enjoyed it, prepare yourself for the 2022 edition and perhaps you can also become a YouTube star if you follow his steps?

To cap it all, here’s another famous collection

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