A historical event has happened as Newcastle United signed a new player from Real Sociedad, Alexander Isak. Real Sociedad, a La Liga team based in Spain was willing to let go of their player for a record breaking 70 million euros, plus 5 million euros in add-ons.

The Swedish naitive, who is only 22 years old and at a whopping 6-foot-4 had given Real Sociedad an interesting few seasons during his time there. The Spanish club had a 90 million euro release clause but through negotiations with Newcastle they managed to reduce the price. 

The price reduction happened due to the Swedish player scoring only six goals out of having 32 appearances in the last La Liga season. The striker has potential and Newcastle sees this and wants to snatch him up as quickly as possible before the transfer period ends. In total, he scored 44 goals out of 132 games for his Spanish team, which is an impressive feat. 

Rumours were speculating all over the news regarding Isak’s transfer, and at one point Arsenal was looking to snatch him up. Unfortunately for Arsenal, they did not manage to strike that deal. He played for Real Sociedad for a period of three seasons. The initial seasons were enough to catch the eyes of the English Premier League clubs. 

Many football fans regarded Isak as Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s successor. They share the same athleticism and focus while on the field. Other than that, they’re also both Swedish, however Isak is almost 20 years younger than the latter. 

Back when he was 19 years old, he scored 16 goals in his first season. Following that, he scored another 17 goals. Fans found La Liga more entertaining with Isak in the picture as he has a good range when scoring goals. 

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In 2020, he performed one of his best games during a Spanish Cup game which was at Santiago Bernabeu. He scored twice and managed to set up the team for a third goal, however he was denied the third one due to an offence. The game ended up in a victory for his team. 

Many Real Sociedad supporters understood his potential and were not surprised at him gaining the interests of the Premier League teams. He has proven himself to be an amazing potential to all the big clubs.  Fans rejoiced and stated that they were excited and that it was a fantastic deal for Newcastle. 


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