Mauricio Pochettino

After the sacking of Steven Gerrard, it was rumoured that a potential candidate for his replacement was Mauricio Pochettino. However, according to FootballDailyUK’s Instagram page, it appears that he declined the offer. 

Apparently, Aston Villa offered an “eye watering” approach for the former Tottenham and PSG manager. However, he has politely declined the club’s last minute offer. He also wants to return to management with a stronger position.

Netizens’ reaction towards Mauricio Pochettino’s rejection 

On Instagram, most of them agree with his choice as he deserves to get a higher level position in the club. “This is the football equivalent of asking Mark Zuckerberg if he fancies working at Tesco,” said a netizen. This job would definitely be a downgrade for Pochettino and the majority of people actually agree with this. 

Others were criticising Villa’s players performance and are not blaming the previous manager’s strategy and the handling of the players. Some are even stating that he might just go to Juventus in the end. 


According to the famous football news reporter, Fabrizio Romano, Pochettino has also declined Premier League clubs on their offer for him to manage their teams. It was said that he declined another job just a month ago and would decide if he wants to return as a manager only until the FIFA 2022 World Cup begins. 

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On the Instagram post a netizen stated that he would join Juventus, however on Twitter a netizen claimed that he’s waiting for a Tottenham job. 

Netizens are also sharing some negative sentiment towards the Argentinian. “Why wait for a top club, he’s average to be honest.” Another stated that he’s “not good” enough for a top team. 

Another brutal comment stated that he will remain jobless because the actual jobs he wants are still occupied. 

A funny tweet was made about the Argentinian rejecting the job offer from Aston Villa before it was officially rejected stating “Aston Villa have called Mauricio Pochettino, but he put on a woman’s voice and said “wrong number”, before hanging up and switching his phone off.”

Some were claiming that he rejected the earlier calls from Villa as he was at a football match in Spain. However, the account that tweeted the offensive tweet asked sarcastically whether there are any smartphones in Spain or not. 

Regardless of what is said about Pochettino, the decision was his full right and he is entitled to reject any offer that does not please him. After all, for a few Premier League clubs and Villa to approach him proves that he must have done some things right in the past. 

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