Anthony Martial

 Manchester United confirmed that their prized striker Anthony Martial resumed their first-team training at their Carrington training complex. 

Martial, receiving a back injury, previously had scored three goals this season but unfortunately due to his injuries missed six games. He was forced off less than half an hour into the Reds’ 2-1 win over Everton at Goodison Park earlier this month after making his first start of the season. 

Martial suffered his third injury of the season, following hamstring and Achilles injuries earlier in the season. This season, he has only appeared four times in all competitions. 

Fans are having mixed reactions towards Anthony Martial returning

United fans are excited that he is returning. However, some criticised him saying that he will definitely get another injury soon. A netizen even commented that he might get an injury during training. Others pitted him against Cristiano Ronaldo, saying that now the Portuguese star might be sidelined even further. 

Others that were happy for his return said that he has played really well under Erik ten Hag’s direction. “A happy Martial is a dangerous Martial,” said a netizen. Fans are also excited that Martial may help the team “demolish” Aston Villa in the Europa League. 


Other fans suggested that Manchester United let him play a few matches back to back before seeing actual results. However, many are still bitter about his constant injuries saying that he may not last as long as everyone thinks he is. 

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“Why is he smiling with teeth, he might get a tooth problem and miss the Villa game,” said a netizen. 

Ronaldo fans were stating that he will score more than Martial with way less chances and injuries. Netizens further stated that he is not “back” until he has played six consecutive games without any injuries. 

It appears that the Frenchman needs to prove to his loyal fans that he can play well, and would not stumble himself with another injury that will decomissionise him again. Manchester United fans further stated that he is not reliable and a replacement is much better. 

A netizen spotted Martial’s fees and apparently he was still paid throughout his injuries, £250,000 per week to be exact. They then added that he was paid that much while receiving an injury while training. 

More comparison towards other players as some were stating that he is more skillful than Antony, the new Brazilian player. However, his attitude and injuries does not help him beat players like Antony. 

There were mentions of him losing a lot of weight after the injuries. This raised concerns among fans as his new slimmer figure may not let him be as strong as he once was. Replies to that comment stated that it’s better for him to be thinner as less injuries may occur then. 

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