After winning the Premier League last year, Manchester City, the well performing club in contrast to their buddy from the same neighbourhood, Manchester United, collected a whopping £153 million in prize money. They finally accepted the prize last month, according to the Premier League. 

Pep Guardiola, the manager for Manchester City managed to direct the team in a way that it triumphed all the way through five seasons. They defeated Aston Villa and also Liverpool. Manchester City received roughly £34 million just based on merit due to finishing first. 

The ‘merit’ cash is then distributed to all other leagues based on their final position. That is an additional £7 million worldwide. Manchester City and Liverpool both made their history last year after receiving a large amount of pay-outs, but the irony here is that the teams that are on the bottom of the list also received quite a sum of money. 

A team that finished relatively last in the previous season of the Premier League, Norwich, had only five wins and 26 losses. They had 84 goals allowed and are the first team in history to collect £100 million in prize money.

They had to pay the same for facility fees among the likes of Burnley and Watford. The two teams that were able to enter the Championship. Their merit payments however were lower than the higher performing teams. 

However, as crazy as this sounds, relatively all of the teams in the Premier League received over £100 million as prize money. Half of that were equal distributions to each team that are valued at £49 million for international and £32 million for UK fees. 

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Europa League comparison

Next, as the Premier League teams are conquering the Europa League, Manchester United and Arsenal are set to be on the field. Manchester United, after finishing in sixth place last season, qualified to enter. If they are able to win any trophies this time, it would have a nice payout for the teams. 

The total prize pool for the Europa League is £403.5 million, when compared to the Champions League, it is at a whopping £1.75 billion. Both Arsenal and United will receive 

£4.2 million each if they win all six of their competitions. 

They also stand a chance to win an additional £13 million for their performance if they win the Europa League trophy. The total prize money that can be given out to the teams would be  £17.2 million, probably enough to buy half of a star player with inflation adjusted. 


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