Lionel Messi, the world’s greatest football player, is now a chef. In a new advertisement for Hard Rock Cafe, Messi takes on the head chef role, creating his signature chicken sandwich.

He announced this unusual project on Instagram with the caption: “Another dream comes true! I am thrilled to introduce to you the new Messi Chicken Sandwich that I have created with @HardRockCafe, inspired by my favorite food: The Milanese! Don’t miss out!” an article from mentioned.

This engaging “Yes, We’re Open” advertisement links football fans and food enthusiasts with their favorite players. It was shot in Florida, Paris, and Lisbon. Enjoy culinary magic while observing Messi’s joyous expression as he offers absolute satisfaction. Join a celebration when food and football are combined.

Messi’s Argentinian heritage inspires the “Messi Chicken Sandwich” sandwich, which features a crispy Milanese-style chicken breast, melted provolone cheese, herbed aioli, fresh tomatoes, and arugula. The sandwich is now available at Hard Rock Cafe locations worldwide.

After a picture of the football player on vacation went viral, Messi’s knees have recently come under fire. Messi’s knees appeared to be of an unusual shape, which concerned several fans. There is no reason to panic since Messi’s knees are in excellent functioning order. The footballer’s knee problems are merely a byproduct of playing professional football for many years, which put a lot of strain on his joints.

Experts assert that The Argentine superstar’s exceptionally muscular quadriceps are just the outcome of years of demanding practice and competitiveness. Even though Messi’s knees have a unique appearance, they do not endanger his health or his ability to compete. The public may relax knowing that Messi will return to the pitch later this summer, ready to make an impact at Inter Miami.

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