Usually, Lionel Messi would need a team of players to defeat him on the field, however on Tuesday night, the Argentina match against Jamaica a team of security guards almost knocked him over. This happened at Red Bell Arena in Harrison, New Jersey.

Lionel Messi was approached by a shirtless man that requested for Messi to sign his back after scoring his first goal. He complied with the fan’s request, as he began to sign his signature on the fan’s back, three security guards nearly ran him over to contain the fan. 

For Messi, this was no deal breaker as after being tackled by Adrian Mariappa three minutes later, he scored another goal. He appeared to be unscathed by the incident. Another fan ran onto the field at the 65th minute to snap a picture with him, and he is apparently used to this behaviour. 

As a football player that is a household name, incidents like these are bound to happen, especially if a game is held in the United States. Messi stood by as he watched a second fan being dragged away by the security guards while attempting to take a photo with his smartphone. 

The security guards restrained the fan by his feet. Following that, Argentina beat Jamaica with a score of 3-0. This was the final World Cup preliminary match and thanks to Lionel Messi, Argentina has been unbeatable for the last 35 years during this period of the World Cup. 

He has scored a total of 90 goals in 164 international games. While aged 35, he is still experiencing a strong stardom compared to other footballers of his calibre. 

Twitter celebrated Messi for helping his home country win the preliminary match. The fans in the stadium were recorded to be roaring for him. Netizens commented that he is the greatest football player in history, not just for his amazing skills on the field, but also on how he treats his fans with decency and respect. 

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There were numerous attempts from fans in previous games that successfully caught Messi’s attention. Cristian solera, a super fan, wanted Messi to sign his leg tattoo and flew all the way to London from San Juan Argentina for it. 

He was able to meet the coaches who then assisted him to make his dream a reality. While waiting outside the hotel where the team was staying at and was almost asked to leave the premises. Messi later on signed his tattoo. 

There have been a large number of supporters that have tattoos of Messi. There has been an influx of supporters having tattoos of him after Argentina defeated Brazil to win the Copa America 2021 cup. 



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