La Liga 2022 Prize Money, Everything you need to know

La Liga is a Spanish Football league that is considered to be the most-watched and widely popular league across the globe. The consists of top teams which are Real Madrid, and Barcelona. The prize money is distributed in a very interesting manner for La Liga. The prize money is generated during the course of the league by telecasting it live on TV channels.

As we know, there are 20 teams participating in the league, and the distribution of the total sum is on a rank basis. The total money of La Liga 2022 is buzzed to be around €1.85 billion. Barcelona has Messi who’s the best soccer participant amongst all the participating teams. So let’s have a detailed look at the game which includes, La Liga 2022 Prize Money, Everything you need to know.

La Liga 2022 Prize Money, Everything you need to know.

Here we bring you how the money is generated by the officials from telecasting the game on the various channels across the globe. Have a quick look

  1. In order to promote the talents of young and extraordinary players of the league, the top 2 departments will be entitled to 10% of the share.
  2. Meanwhile, the remaining 90% of the La Liga prize cash could be used for most of the groups in Los Angeles Liga.
  • Equal Share: 50 % of the total cash might be distributed to the various 20 groups in La Liga.
  • Merit Money: 25% of the quantity might be used as a distributed percentage from the golfing department.
  • Resources Generation: the rest of the 25% is awarded to the members on the premise of the aid-producing capability and also the fan base.
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What is the Prize Money Distribution of La Liga 2022?

Here we have the entire leaderboard which includes the money that was offered to all the teams, including the winner of the league. Have a quick look at the rank and the prize money of each team.

RankParticipantsWinning share
1Real Madrid€158 million
2Atletico Madrid€154 million
3Barcelona€115 million
4Sevilla€85 million
5Real Sociedad€80 million
6Real Betis€77 million
7Villarreal€73 million
8Celta Vigo€73 million
9Athletic Bilbao€66 million
10Granada€65 million
11Osasuna€63 million
12Cádiz€60 million
13Valencia€57 million
14Levante€55 million
15Alavés€54 million
16Getafe€52.5 million
17Elche€52.5 million
18Huesca€50 million
19Valladolid€50 million
20Eibar€48.5 million


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