Jason Whitlock has been a loud opponent of Deion Sanders since the start of the NCAA football season. Whitlock was one of the few people who questioned Sanders’ actions following the game, even in the middle of the fervor that followed Colorado’s unexpected victory over TCU in the season opener.

Throughout the nine-week season, the Fox Sports expert has steadfastly maintained his viewpoint on the former Dallas Cowboys cornerback. The Buffaloes have put up a string of lacklustre games, but Whitlock is adamant that Sanders hasn’t shown anything truly remarkable despite the team’s drastic squad makeover.

“This different roster has only outplayed one opponent. In every other game, they’ve virtually been outplayed. It’s the most penalized team in the country and I’m sure that’s ‘racism!’ I’m sure the refs are going out there: ‘We Gotta Penalize Deion’s team! We’re Racist!” an article from shared.

A quick change in the Buffaloes’ situation

Fueled by a noteworthy Week 1 victory over TCU, the 2022 national championship finalist, Deion Sanders, and the Colorado team started the season under a surge of excitement and heightened expectations.

With victories over Nebraska and Colorado State, the Buffaloes lived up to the preseason hype. But in Week 4, they suffered a huge loss in Eugene to Oregon, which put an end to their incredible start to the season. Alejandro Mata’s game-winning field goal in the final minute against Arizona State gave Colorado its thrilling victory, but the team struggled after that and only managed one win in five games.

A surprise matchup between Stanford and Colorado occurred in Week 7. The Cardinals had a difficult start to the game offensively, trailing 29-0 at halftime. However, they pulled off an amazing comeback, winning 46-43 in double overtime.

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Is Deion Sanders capable of leading Colorado to a successful season?

As the football season draws to a close, Deion Sanders must make sure that Colorado secures a winning campaign. This victory will be crucial in providing a positive light on his first experience in the Football Bowl Subdivision, even if he and his squad have faced numerous obstacles.

The Buffaloes are at a turning point in their season, with games against Oregon State in Week 10 and crucial contests against Arizona, Washington State, and Utah still to come. Even though the squad has a chance to win the season and make it to the bowl game, their confidence has suffered, so the outcome is uncertain.

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