Italian Serie A 2022 Prize Money, Everything you need to know

The 2021-22 Italian Serie A is the 120tg season of the top-tier football League of the country Italian. The series began last year on 21st August 2021 and concluded on 22ns May 2022. There are over 380 matches played over a year’s time. There are 20 teams that participate in the league which includes the top seventeen teams from the previous year’s championship and the top 3 teams from the Serie B.

The finals of the league were played on the 22nd of May 2022 on Sunday. The team that win the league was Milan. This was the first time that Milan won the league after the 2010 season. This was their 19th title which was won. So let’s have a look at the details of this league, Italian Serie A 2022 Prize Money, and Everything you need to know.

Italian Serie A 2022 Prize Money, Everything you need to know

The prize purse for the league Italian Serie A was accumulated to be around €1.1 billion. Out of this, part of the money is going to be divided into equal parts among all the clubs playing in the league. The criteria of the distribution are such as this, 30% of the total money is split among the clubs which is based on the playing performance of the teams, meanwhile, the rest of the 20% is distributed to the club’s supporter base.

As we mentioned earlier that Milan was crowned champion after 11 years this year, and will be entitled to a sum of €23.4 million. The team that becomes the runners up will receive a lump sum of €19.4 million. We have also mentioned the entire breakdown of all the 20 teams further in this article.

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Italian Serie A 2022 Prize Money Breakdown

Here we have the entire breakdown of the Prize money for the ongoing football series, Italian Serie A 2022. So have a look at it below.

The rank of the ClubPrize Money


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