Gamers are buzzing with anticipation over FIFA 23’s FUTTIES commercial, as a leaked hint implies Angel Di Maria might be there. According to the most recent loading screen, one player has five-star skill moves, while the other has a five-star weak foot. A thrilling and amazing FUTTIES extravaganza is in store for you.

With the increased FUTTIES anticipation, Di Maria’s move to Benfica in the Portuguese League has spawned an exciting rumor: FIFA 23 Ultimate Team might finally feature the dynamic player in his new team’s colors. Prepare for a virtual spectacle that will have you in a frenzy as Di Maria’s genius takes center stage like never before.

The much-anticipated FUTTIES ad for FIFA 23 features rumors regarding Angel Di Maria’s likely inclusion as an SBC. After 13 extraordinary years when he wowed at Real Madrid, PSG, and Juventus, he now starts a fascinating new chapter with Benfica. Get ready for the opportunity to add his magic to your Ultimate Team.

Get ready for the greatest gaming discovery! Every season’s grand finale, FUTTIES, will introduce an unbeatable superstar with incredible stats. As the creators redefine gaming genius with powerful virtuosos, prepare for an adrenaline-fueled experience. Prepare to take your gaming to new levels.

Stat Rating
Pace 96
Dribbling 98
Shooting 93
Defending 60
Passing 95
Physicality 84

FUT Sheriff’s forecast may be accurate, as Season 8 of FIFA 23 offers players a tantalizing preview of the powerful FUTTIES players to come. Expect an exhilarating gaming experience as these virtual demigods redefine supremacy in the virtual field.

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