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Apparently it is rumoured that Qatar is paying a group of 40 England fans to attend the World Cup. They were given careful instructions to share positive messages about their time in Qatar and would sing specific songs when asked. 

Furthermore, they are informed to report any postings on social media that would backlash Qatar on its human rights problem. They had to sign a code of conduct, and will receive free flights, free accommodations and about £60 a day for spending money. 

Their flights are booked on the 17th of November. There are another 40 Welsh supporters joining this “Fan Leader Programme” and there are fans from 30 other countries in this programme. 

According to Metro UK, a documentation about this whole agenda given to those that are involved stated “In celebration of the fans around the world, over the period of five minutes, fan chants from each nation will be played and you will be expected to stand up, sing the song/chant, wave your flags and represent your country.

The camera will focus on each national fan group in turn. We will share with you the chant/song selected from your country to ensure you are familiar with it.’ A sentence that was bold in red print states, ‘Be ready in your shirt, flags and scarves to cheer and shout.”

The Football Association has openly disclosed that they do not support this programme in any way. They caught wind of this only through media outlets publishing information about it. 

However, there are no documentations of this published publicly. It is unclear whether these are facts or more fabrications from the Western world against the tiny Middle Eastern nation. 

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Netizen response towards Qatar’s alleged attempt

The “woke” people of social media claim that they will be boycotting the whole tournament due to Qatar obtaining the rights to host it in a dodgy manner. Netizens are hoping that the winner of this league would “boycott” winning the trophy due to the human rights issues. 

Others are claiming that this World Cup is not as exciting as the past, just a few weeks prior to the first match and there’s not much buzz going on about it. Others are quite adamant that we should not condone exploitation. 

The response to that remark is that exploitation still happens regardless of what industry or event. Furthermore, a number of large European brands are heavily involved in the exploitation of cheap labourers in Asia. 

More comments discussed about the human rights issues occuring during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Furthermore, European countries such as England used to criminalise homosexuality and a netizen remarked that being gay was illegal in 1966 when England won the World Cup. 

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