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While Alisson Becker, the goalkeeper for Brazil and Liverpool, has recently had some ups and downs, David de Gea, a Spanish professional soccer player, plays as the goalkeeper for Manchester United and the Spanish national team. Who, though, makes a better keeper?

Here is our verdict:

With stellar club and international careers, De Gea and Alisson are widely regarded as two of the top goalkeepers in the world right now.

De Gea has won multiple awards for both himself and his teams, including the Premier League in 2013 and the Golden Glove for the 2017–18 campaign.

Alisson has also received numerous individual and group honours, including winning the Champions League in 2019 and the Premier League in 2020–2021 with the Liverpool club.

They are two players with various playing styles and skills. They followed various career routes, yet they are still in competition with one another both in the league and at international level.

Both are well known for their superb shot blocking skills and control of their respective penalty areas.

But something must give one of them the advantage.

Some critics say De Gea has a flaw, amongst others, because he does not come out often to stop attackers.

But minus this flaw, De Gea has some unique skill sets. 

What are David De Gea’s special talents?

David De Gea
Image of David De Gea from Wikipedia.

Goalkeeper David de Gea is a highly competent and gifted player who is renowned for his quick reflexes and shot-stopping prowess. He is renowned for his lightning-fast reflexes and talent for making challenging saves appear simple. 

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He is renowned for his capacity to anticipate shots and place himself in a save-making position.

He is also good for his superb footwork and distribution skills from the penalty area. He can accurately pass the ball to his teammates to initiate counterattacks because he is at ease with the ball in his hands.

What about Alisson’s special skill sets?

Alisson Becker
Image of Alisson Becker in the FIFA World Cup 2018, Group E, Serbia vs. Brazil, from Wikipedia.

Alisson is a highly accomplished goalkeeper renowned for his quick reflexes and shot-stopping prowess, which equates his talent to that of De Gea. 

Along with De Gea, he also has lightning-fast reflexes and is good for his capacity for anticipating shots and positioning himself to make a save.

As most goalkeepers, he also has an excellent footwork, can relaunch a match with his long throws and shots that helps him to.accurately pass the ball to his teammates to initiate counterattacks.

But perhaps, additionally, Allison is good for his superb positioning and game reading skills, which enable him to efficiently plan out his defence and thwart goals. This is a plus for Allison.

De Gea’s and Allison’s weaknesses

Some experts claim that De Gea lacks presence in his penalty area. Strikers will prowl about him with shots if he is not sufficiently dominant in the penalty area since they will be able to see his weakness.

If he uses his strength in the penalty area, it might have the detrimental—possibly disastrous—effect of making defenders lose faith in their goalkeeper.

Allison does occasionally overplay the ball and get into problems with awkward touches as opponents close him down while he is in possession.

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Those self-inflicted moments of worry versus some of the Premier League opponents occurred more than once. But that does not diminish his strength.

To us, Allison wins and De Gea needs to improve a lot to get Manchester United back in the lead at home and away.

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