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The drama between Cristiano Ronaldo and Erik ten Hag to the biggest blow when the interview of the famous footballer went live a few weeks back. It appears that Manchester United is looking for a way out for the player after that fateful interview. 

According to the Daily Mail, it is alleged that the club is looking at Jorge Mendes, who is Ronaldo’s agent, to look for a way to terminate the player. They are hoping for a mutual consent between the two parties in him departing their club. 

Furthermore, he surprised the World Cup reporters when he came to the press conference. He then proceeded to defend his interview with Piers Morgan. The interview took the world by storm and it appears that people are still talking about it. 

He has respectfully asked the press to stop hounding his Manchester United team-mates who are playing for the World Cup as it might distract them. 

Ronaldo then stated, ‘Sometimes you write truths, sometimes you write lies. I don’t have to worry what others think. I talk when I want to. Everybody knows who I am, what I believe in. They have known me [here] since I was 11. They will not be influenced by what people say and write about me.

‘The atmosphere is excellent, no problems, we are completely focused. You can help by not talking about me. I’m completely bullet-proof and iron-clad. 

‘If you ask other players about Cristiano Ronaldo I would be upset. If you want to ask him about the World Cup and the team, I would like you to do that.’

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Portugal will start competing in the World Cup this Thursday. Currently, they will face Ghana in  Group H. The buildup has been focused on the 37-year-old’s career with Manchester United, not focusing on what is currently happening now, which is him representing his national team. 

Portugal’s World Cup campaign does not begin until Thursday, when they face Ghana in Group H, but much of the build-up has focused on Ronaldo’s club future rather than the prospects of his national team. 

Fans feedback on Ronaldo’s reaction


ESPN tweeted about Ronaldo’s statement to the media, with the now iconic quote “I am bulletproof, I wear an iron suit.” Fans responded by accusing him of throwing away friendships with his teammates who criticised him. 

Supporters claim that he is bigger than English football. Another fan claimed that he is bigger than football itself. It is not a far-fetched statement as he has not officially reached 500 million followers on Instagram. As stated before on Sportsry, his profile is the most followed account in Instagram’s history. 

Ronaldo & Messi get along in a Louis Vuitton shoot


In an attempt to stop the crazy fights both of their fan bases are having, Lionel Messi and Ronaldo joined a Louis Vuitton campaign where the both of them took the “best” picture of 2022. 

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Apparently the two giants posted the photo at the same time and garnered about 11 million likes combined. There were fans that stated that the both of them are the greatest of all time. 

A Liverpool fan stated their opinion that Ronaldo is not in the top five best footballers, however others replied that since the commenter was a Liverpool fan, their opinion “does not matter.” 

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