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After the whole issue of Arsenal going back and forth with Mykhaylo Mudryk, price was a big issue for the team. Furthermore, according to many Arsenal fans, there are a tonne of more reliable players at a more affordable price. 

Arsenal’s Spanish manager Mikel Arteta attends the UEFA Europa League Group A football match between FC Zurich and Arsenal at Arena St. Gallen Stadium in St. Gallen on September 8, 2022. (Photo by URS BUCHER / AFP)

Unfortunately, to Mikel Arteta’s dismay, it appears that the troubled Chelsea has gotten him already for the grand total of £87 million. Chelsea managed to strike a deal with Shakhtar Donetsk out of nowhere while Arsenal was getting rejected at every back and forth with the Ukrainian club. 

Apparently, according to the Mirror, a spectacle company decided to mock Chelsea in their strange way of acquiring the Ukrainian player. They said that Arsenal is planning to buy 6 million lens cleaning cloths from them, jokingly hoping that Chelsea might actually purchase them to get ahead of Arsenal. 


Fans are stating that the spectacle company is making a mockery of Chelsea as it appears that under Graham Potter, they have no clear direction and are just copying Arsenal. Furthermore, a Twitter profile that appears to mimic West Ham replied to the company stating that they will order the cloths, provided with a 72 month instalment plan. 

Mudryk has been excited for quite some time in joining Arsenal, which appeared to be his preferred choice. He even made it clear that the Emirates Stadium was his top choice. The winger said he was eager to get going after signing with Chelsea, though.

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Mudryk’s remarks 

After joining Chelsea, the Ukrainian player stated, “This is a huge club, in a fantastic league and it is a very attractive project for me at this stage of my career. I’m excited to meet my new team-mates and I’m looking forward to working and learning under Graham Potter and his staff.”

Potter’s remarks about Mudryk

Graham Potter
Image of Graham Potter, from Wikipedia

Potter then stated, “He’s a young player with a big future. He has exciting quality in the final third, very fast and direct, attacks the backline, can go in wide areas but also affects the goal. He’s a really exciting player and I think our supporters will like him.

“We want to play better. We want more wins. You need a squad that’s balanced. You need a squad that’s got the right amount of competition. I think we’ve got to be not necessarily careful.” 

Fan reaction towards the new Ukrainian player 


An anime version of him was placed in one of the tweets announcing his new team. There were some bitter Arsenal fans that posted memes on how Mudryk lied to the world saying that he’s joining the Gunners only for him to actually join the Blues. 

Chelsea fans however are excited to have an impressive player among their ranks. Arsenal fans continued to jab at this as they claim that Chelsea fans did not even know who Mudryk was just a few weeks ago. 

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Fans pressed on his skills as they stated he has scored less than 10 goals from 2018-2023 and is paid almost £100 million. Many forget that he is a winger, not a striker, hence his stats would not really be involved in goal scores. Others are hoping that he flops for the Blues and it appears that this will never be forgotten by fans. 

Mudryk will have to be on his toes for every upcoming game as this will be bitterly brought up by fans. It is also stated that he is signed with the Blues for 8.5 years. It is one of the few rare moments where a Premier League club signs a player for more than 4/5 years. 

Hopefully Mudryk will live up to his purchase price and help the troubled Blues into a new era of winnings. If Graham Potter does not buckle up, even Mudryk can’t help them as much as he could. 

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