Inigo Martinez, a seasoned 32-year-old central defender, accepted his new post at the historic Joan Gamper Sports City in a moment that reverberated with confidence and passion.

Martinez bravely addressed the urgent issue on everyone’s mind the legendary rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid—as the cameras clicked and the thrill lingered in the air. Martinez boldly asserted that Barcelona stands tall as the most powerful force of the two with an undying allegiance to his new colors, the Blaugrana.

He captured the heart of this historic match in those comments, energizing the crowd and heightening anticipation for the next installment of the storied El Clasico.

According to the Veteran, “Barca better than Madrid? Needless to say, yes. The team proved that last year. Why not again this year? We have a great team. You see the work they’re doing and you see last year’s titles. I know where I come from, what the club and what I need to do,” an article from mentioned.

He and his team are prepared to emerge and establish their domination over the Madridistas with unyielding resolve. 43 clean sheets have been recorded in 177 games for Athletic Bilbao by this outstanding defender. The team’s success is directly attributed to his unwavering presence on the pitch. The uncontested victors are now prepared to cement their legacy and make an everlasting impression on the football world.

“We come to win and to fight for our position with others. We are above all people and teammates. The best thing is to perform 100% and be better than our rivals,” an article from mentioned.

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Last season, under President Joan Laporta’s direction, Barcelona accomplished a historic turnaround by winning the La Liga championship. The team received much-needed funding thanks to Laporta’s financial savvy, which made it possible to sign vital players. With 88 points after an amazing effort, the club won the title with a comfortable 10-point advantage over Real Madrid. A delicious victory was added to Barcelona’s great campaign when they defeated their enduring rivals in the Spanish Super Cup final.

Laporta proclaimed his unwavering confidence in the Barcelona team’s supremacy vs Real Madrid.

“We have a better team than Madrid and, individually, we are also better than our rivals by a distance. As a member and a fan, I am very satisfied with the team we are building,” an article from quoted him as saying.

Laporta was delighted with the most recent additions, saying that Barcelona will keep looking for new talent and managing player departures: “We already have a very competitive team. We have won the Spanish League and we can continue exercising dominance in this competition. I am focused on making a good team over signing individuals. We have signed Gundogan and Inigo Martinez and they will give us great performances like the others that will come,” an article from wrote.

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