English Premier League chart leader Arsenal continued to add on their unblemish record of winning so far this season with a 3-0 victory on Saturday. 

Martin Odegaard scored Arsenal’s first goal in the fifth minute after finishing a rebound with goalkeeper Mark Travers from Bournemouth.

The Norwegian footballer Odegaard entered the penalty area and managed to beat the goalkeeper with a left-footed strike within a six minute timeframe. Gabriel Jesus, Arsenal’s star forward assisted him in the goal. 

Arsenal managed to add on to their lead against Bournemouth right smack in the 54th minute. William Saliba and Granit Xhaka helped by keeping the ball on the right side of the field. It’s difficult to imagine this perfect start to a season when compared to Arsenal’s position last season. 

The last time Arsenal had an immaculate position as they did now was all the way back in December 2016. All the way back in 2004, when they still had a strong position, they won their first three games. Moving backwards, the last time Arsenal achieved this was during the  1938/1939 season. 

They were the only team in the top division to have ever done that, regardless of other teams winning the whole league in the same year.  

Unfortunately, since 2003 they have been having issues during the beginning of a season, namely financial ones. However, with the costly uprooting the team has had with their current manager, Arteta, things look different. 

‘It takes time to get something,’ Arteta said. ‘It’s been a massive, massive change.’ So has this turnaround come earlier than expected?

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‘I’ll keep that to myself,’ he smiled. 

Regarding Granit Xhaka, he had his position changed during the later part of the previous season. Arteta managed to unleash something new in the renowned player as he has proven to advance and help the team score. 

Now, regardless if they will have the right cards to play or not, they will definitely need to rely on Xhaka and Partey. The both of them would need to remain healthy and available for the games. This will solidify Arsenal’s strong position during this season. 

Xhaka has done a complete circle in the team and on the field, from having been transferred to a midfielder, he is still credited as being an excellent player. 


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