Son Heung-Min

In a recent match against Marseille a few nights ago, a win for Tottenham,turned sour for Son Heung-Min as he received quite a bad injury. Tottenham has secured their position in the Champions League with said win though. 

During the first half, Son tried to flick on a high ball while jumping towards it. Unfortunately, he was caught by Chancel Mbemba who tried to contest the ball with him. After the altercation, he was stretchered off the field. He looked disorientated according to the Guardian

Worries regarding a concussion happening to him floated around, but unfortunately, something far worse occurred which was the eye socket injury. It is bad enough that Son barely gets any spotlight in Tottenham, and the time for him to shine would have been during the World Cup. 

Son will begin a rehabilitation programme with the medical staff working for Tottenham after the operation. Updates for Son Heung-Min fans will be provided during the South Korean’s absence. 

Furthermore, the medical officials refused to state whether he would still be able to play for the World Cup or not. This is due to the fact that it all would depend on how his eye surgery would go, and whether it would be a successful surgery or not. 

There are no two cases alike, but optimists might point out that Kevin De Bruyne fractured his eye socket in Manchester City’s 2021 Champions League final against Chelsea and continued playing for Belgium within three weeks of surgery.

Netizens reaction towards Son’s injury 


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It was also announced on Twitter that his injury occurred 18 days before the World Cup. Netizens were disgusted at some of the Tottenham fans reaction towards his injury stating that some expected it and there were fans that are glad he got injured. 

A few Son fans stated their opinions that he deserves to leave the club and find a more prominent club for him to play. Furthermore, Son fans claimed that Tottenham is just a small club and can’t be compared to the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United. 

Other netizens are taking this whole issue too lightly claiming that Son would return to football with a mask on his face. They would then dub him as a “masked hero” of football. Football fans are concerned with who will be getting injured next especially with the upcoming World Cup. 

“It will be a great loss for Tottenham and the World Cup if he is unable to recover properly,” said a netizen. More questions arose as a netizen said allegedly a number of players are reluctant to play in this year’s World Cup, hence the amount of injuries. However, we may not know the truth of the situation. 

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