Rev up your excitement as F1 Manager 2023 releases the heart-pounding 1.6 update, giving loyal players demanding new material an adrenaline-fueled experience. With the addition of game-changing elements, such as the eagerly awaited Team Switching mechanic, brace yourself for an exciting experience where you hold the steering wheel firmly in your hands.

Tech-savvy racers will be ecstatic as the competition for dominance on NVIDIA GPUs is fueled by DLSS support, while AMD fans can buckle up for a smoother ride with the addition of FSR support. Further improving visual realism is a sleek fleet of redesigned card models, while fine-tuned stability and precise balancing adjustments guarantee an even more engaging and captivating experience. Your path to success has just been accelerated!

What’s new with the F1 Manager

Notes about the official patch for the F1 Manager 2023 update 1.6

New Features  
Team Switching Expand your legacy by managing a new team
DLSS support for NVIDIA GPUs Supercharge graphics on NVIDIA GPUs
FSR support for AMD GPUs Elevate visuals on AMD GPUs
Updated Car Models  
Aston Martin A fresh look for Aston Martin car model
Haas Updated Haas car model
George Russell’s Mercedes Mercedes with a blue marking for Russell
Williams Halo Corrected lower-detail Williams Halo
  1. Unleash the Thrills: Enjoy unprecedented game stability thanks to improvements in performance and fixes, such as the removal of the DX12-related PC crash problem.
  2. Calling all players of the Epic Store: The Epic Adventure Continues! Even after running into those annoying network issues, continue playing Deluxe Edition Scenarios without a hitch.
  3. Revved-Up Challenges: Get ready for an exciting Formula 1 journey that is balanced with new season goals for the best teams. Mercedes aims high, moving their Constructor’s Championship ambition to 2025 and changing their season goal from second to third place.
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Category Issue Description Fix Description
Team Management An issue preventing user progression after hiring a reserve driver at season end has been resolved. Users can now smoothly continue without any obstacles when hiring a reserve driver.
Team Management Car part design and research projects failed to generate the expected expertise gain on slider adjustment. The appropriate amount of expertise gained now accurately reflects when sliders are moved for car part design and research projects.
Team Management Research Complete emails were not displaying increased stats for the following year’s car. Users will now witness a proper increase in next year’s car statistics upon receiving Research Complete emails.
Team Management Email notification about Factory fires ending was mistimed, being sent before the factory’s reopening. Timings have been adjusted so that the email regarding Factory fires ending is now sent after the factory reopens.


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