Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff has disclosed emotional scars from the suspenseful 2021 Formula One season finale. A historic event in Formula 1 history occurred during the Abu Dhabi finale when seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton came just short of winning an unprecedented eighth championship.

The controversial decision to allow just lapped cars, between Verstappen (P2) and Hamilton (P1), to pass the safety car caused a furor. Three months after the FIA acknowledged a “human error” in Michael Masi’s judgment, the former racing director of the organization resigned from his post due to intense criticism of his handling of the crisis. Toto Wolff, the president of Mercedes, highlighted the incident’s long-lasting effects by revealing that the team is still affected by the critical moment, almost two years after it happened.

At this year’s Brazilian Grand Prix, the 51-year-old spoke to the Spanish edition; “[There were] brutal scars [from Abu Dhabi GP incident] ! Incredible scars and we will never get over them, in a way. They became scars and there are moments when you think: ‘How could that happen?” an article from shared.

Mercedes wants to significantly revitalize the company

The typically powerful Formula 1 Silver Arrows saw an unanticipated decline in performance during the 2023 season. For the first time in an eon, the German powerhouse was well behind the defending constructors’ Champion, Red Bull, having failed to record a single victory.

Mercedes, the eight-time constructors’ champion, is expected to undergo significant internal changes as the 2024 season approaches. During a recent interview with Damon Hill, Toto Wolff, the principal of the Mercedes team, alluded to important changes that will soon occur within the company, indicating a determined attempt at recovery.

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“Because you have a great group of people on this mission together and you grow and you develop, but at the end, are you the same person that you’ve been at the beginning of 2013? Maybe not. But maybe you’re wiser, maybe you have more experience?” an article from mentioned.

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