The 2023 F1 Hungarian Grand Prix features Lewis Hamilton’s first pole position since his victory in Saudi Arabia in 2021.

Surprisingly, Max Verstappen was challenged by the Mercedes driver throughout the practice, and the latter took advantage of the Red Bull driver’s subpar last lap. The racing legend’s victory is his first pole position in 33 races and his first front-row start of the year. The conflict becomes more heated once more.

Lewis Hamilton triumphed in the thrilling 2021 season, earning his 103rd pole position and 103rd victory. One of the year’s most memorable and contentious races was the inaugural race in Jeddah, which featured an epic battle between Hamilton and Verstappen that left fans in awe.

The legendary seven-time world champion found himself amid pure happiness as he celebrated an astonishing and unheard-of accomplishment – a mind-blowing ninth pole position at the Hungarian Grand Prix! The victory came as a magnificent bolt from the blue, unexpected by both the winner and his crew, leaving everyone in wonder and enthralled by the pure enchantment on the track.

This event, which featured a record-breaking achievement that defied all predictions, will go down in racing history as a permanent reminder of the incredible talent of a true racing legend and the unyielding spirit of a championship-caliber squad.

F.1 com Lewis Hamilton mentioned:

“It’s been a crazy year-and-a-half, so I’ve lost my voice from shouting so much in the car – it’s amazing that feeling. I feel so grateful to be up here because the team has worked so hard. We’ve been pushing so hard over this time, so to finally get a pole, it feels like the first time. I didn’t expect coming today that we would be fighting for pole, so when I went into that last run, I gave it absolutely everything – there was nothing left in it.”

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Further adding, “[It’s been] massively challenging for everybody in the team. There’s been ups and downs, a big, big rollercoaster ride. But none of us have lost faith. We’ve all just united together. We’re focusing on trying to steer the car in the right direction,” an article from shared.

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