F1 fans have come out in force to voice their displeasure with Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur’s comments about the forthcoming 2024 season. After securing second place behind Red Bull the year before, the legendary Italian team has regressed during the 2023 season. The Prancing Horse stable has only managed three podium results this season while struggling to claim a victory, all of which have been earned by the talented Charles Leclerc.

Vasseur’s announcement

Frederic Vasseur
Image of Frederic Vasseur from Wikipedia.

In the midst of the P4 season, a notable twist emerges as Vasseur announces a pause in the ongoing campaign, redirecting the focus towards the forthcoming year. In a candid interview with Gazzetta, subtle indications of their aspirations for 2024 come to light. This deliberate move not only raises anticipation but also underscores their dedication to upholding an edge in the fiercely competitive racing arena.

The boss of Ferrari mentioned, “For this season, we stopped development in the wind tunnel at the end of July, but we have new parts already approved and in the works – that should arrive in Qatar or Austin. For the single-seater for 2024, we are still at the philosophical concepts.” an article from sportskeeda.com shared

A Ferrari F1 driver discusses his season-long objectives

Carlos Sainz has issued a call to arms for the remaining races, stressing the critical need for teamwork over the team’s final stretch of the season in order to maximize the potential of their vehicle.

The seasoned Ferrari driver emphasized the importance of strong teamwork in maximizing results and getting the most out of their racing vehicle. The strategic yet approachable emotion expressed in Sainz’s statement highlights the critical role that teamwork plays in achieving on-track achievement.

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He said “[We need to] focus more on maximizing the car’s potential and the team’s performance in this second half of the season. We want to make sure we maximize our constructor points, stop kind of expecting a win or a podium, and just focus on nailing the principles and be consistent. I think we all expected the car to be more competitive, ourselves to be more competitive and the field has got really, really tight,” an article from sportskeeda.com shared.

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