As F1 commentator Martin Brundle collided with British actress Cara Delevingne during the British Grand Prix, the sport’s new celebrity grid restrictions came under fire.

The event is reminiscent of a previous altercation between Brundle and security officers as he approached Megan Thee Stallion on the grid, which led Formula One to enact a rule that changed the game: celebrities invited to the grid are no longer permitted to bring their security personnel. Fans’ passionate debates about this rule have added a gripping dimension of interest to the glossy Formula 1 scene.

In an earlier response to the new regulation, Brundle said: There have been new rules introduced, that any celebrities on the grid must not have bodyguards any longer. It must be the ‘Brundle clause,’ and they’re obliged to talk to me. I sort of like it if they ignore me, to be honest,” an article from wrote.

Cara Delevingne tactfully circumvented the ‘Brundle clause’ during the British GP at Silverstone by avoiding any interaction with Martin Brundle. Refusing an interview, Delevingne’s silent response challenged Brundle’s insistence on engaging with all grid attendees.

Delevingne, visibly uncomfortable, sought assistance from her Alfa Romeo staff member, subtly claiming an inability to hear Brundle’s request. This calculated move heightened curiosity among fans, questioning Delevingne’s motives and the future implications for F1’s celebrity grid protocol.

Cara Delevingne revealed on social media that she was told not to communicate with Martin Brundle on the grid when she shared her perspective on an incident. She directly comments that cast doubt on Brundle’s motivations and provides fascinating new information about the situation’s dynamics.

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Delevingne said, “I was told to say no, so I did. Thank you for seeing both sides,” an article from shared.

An interesting discussion regarding the dynamics between celebrities, the media, and Formula One resulted from an Alfa Romeo employee’s involvement in the Delevingne-Brundle encounter. As the incident gathers notice, it’s unclear how Formula 1 will respond and whether there will be any rule changes regarding encounters with celebrities.

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