Who is the best opener batsman in the world?

Cricket is a game. Where two teams face each other. There are 11 players at a side where the first teams bats and make a good score which is later defended by the bowlers. So here the most important part to scoring more runs for a team is by giving a good start to the team. Openers play an important role while giving a good start to the game. Take a look at the best openers of all formats of international cricket games.

Rohit Sharma is the top opener’s among the list of best out of best and had secured the title of the best opener as he had played for the Indian international cricket team as one of the most experienced players among the team. He had shown is worth many a team by leading the team towards victory. Rohit Sharma’s absence in the matches had cost them the test matches and ODI series against South Africa.

Stats of Rohit Sharma in Top format of cricket matches

Take a look at the stats of Rohit Sharma at the longest form of the cricket matches. Take a look at runs scored at the top format of cricket and which format has Rohit performed the best. Also, take a look at the stats of all three formats of cricket matches with runs and striker rates.


Rohit Sharma is best at ODI Matches that’s none other than 50 over format per inning. So he had played up to 227 Matches overall in his career and was able to score up to 9205 runs which is one of the highest scores in the ODI match. Rohit also has an average of 49 runs per match. Indian team’s probability of wins increases as Rohit is on the field for the team India.

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