What is the Latest News in IPL 2022: KL Rahul Points out a Few Reasons to Join the New Team

As we know that IPL will be kicking off really soon and fans are all excited to watch what is new this season. IN a few terms we already know that there are 2 new IPL Teams that have been introduced this season. Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants are the two new franchise teams that will be participating in the league.

After the IPL Auction for this season concluded on 12th and 13th February 2022, there were many new faces seen as a captain of the teams. One such was KL Rahul who openly took the responsibility of leading the team Lucknow Super Giants. So here we have the points that will point out the reason why he left his previous team for a new one, IPL 2022: KL Rahul Points out a Few Reasons to Join the New Team.

What is the Latest News in IPL 2022: KL Rahul Points out a Few Reasons to Join the New Team?

Lucknow Super Giants is going to be under the leadership of KL Rahul as the captain. The goal for him this year for the newest franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL) is to achieve ultimate glory. KL Rahul and some experienced players who are on the playing squad of LSG will be looking forward to making it memorable for all this season of IPL 2022.

Previously, he was leading the Punjab Kings. He is a right-handed batter who has the experience of being the captain and taking decisions under pressure. He also said that leaving Punjab Kings is going to be tough as it was his first family of IPL. The owner of the team Lucknow Super Giants, RSPG group while selecting the players during the auction, had selected KL Rahul for these reasons.

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KL Rahul and his Interview

KL Rahul at the press conference of Red Bull cricket room Clubhouse expressed how he feels about the new team and the players he has to lead with. He mentions that it is going to require a lot of practice in order to get used to the strengths and weaknesses of each player. He said that whatever time he has gotten with Lucknow Super Giants, is crucial.

He also mentioned that he has never sat for meetings with the team owners to discuss each player. He adds a few things about what was discussed for the team like, what they need to and what their core needs to be. He innocently also says that with everything that was going on, it was overwhelming for him and that it was all new to him.

Final words of Gratitude by Rahul for Lucknow Super Giants

Concluding the interview he adds a few words of graciousness towards the people who have given him this opportunity and that he is excited to lead it. KL Rahul confidently adds that he will do full justice to it. He promises to lead the team under the best circumstances. He gives his reason why he accepted the offer as he wanted to be a part of something like this all along, to learn and grow as a cricketer and make an identity of his own.

We all will be looking forward to the new season of IPL from 26th March 2022. We will witness the services and leadership qualities of KL Rahul for Lucknow Super Giants on 28th March 2022 against the Gujarat Titans. The match will be held at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai at 7:30 PM sharp.

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