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Virat Kohli appears to have rediscovered his form after a difficult couple of years during which he struggled and was also forced to give up the India captaincy. He is now proving the world on being unstoppable with the bat.

Kohli is in the perfect state of mind right now, which is when he is at his finest.
He will become a stronger person and a better player as a result of the difficult circumstances he has experienced.

Kohli’s strong comeback

He scored his third century in his last four ODI innings on Sunday in Thiruvananthapuram, when he hit a stunning 166 not out off 110 balls against Sri Lanka in the third and final ODI.

Having gone three years without scoring a century in international cricket, Kohli had a challenging stretch before the Asia Cup last year. In September 2022, at the Asia Cup, he eventually broke his dry spell by scoring 122 off 61 balls against Afghanistan. Since then, he hasn’t looked back.

“Even the best players will occasionally experience a bit of a decline in their performance.”

Former chief selector’s remarks on Kohli

“These athletes have excelled for the nation for about ten to fifteen years, and as a result, they are familiar with how to bounce back when they lose their form,” MSK Prasad, a former chief selector stated.

Prasad is of the opinion that Kohli’s month-long sabbatical from playing last year was crucial in assisting him with regaining his form. It was the first time Kohli has ever gone 30 days without touching a bat, he said.

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“More than anything else, he genuinely needed mental rest.” He experienced certain difficulties, but he continued to play, and as a result, a lot of them accumulated. Prasad draws attention to this.

Prasad then added,”I believed he ought to have taken a vacation a long time ago, perhaps shortly after the T20  World Cup in 2021. Since he had a vacation prior to the Asia Cup (in 2022), we have seen the authentic Virat Kohli again, who scored a lot of runs similar to those in 2016.”

“He is in a good mood right now and performing at his peak.”  “He has certainly gone through some difficult moments recently, but I have no doubt that this has only strengthened him as a person and improved his game.”

“I think the sabbatical has actually advanced his career by four to five years.” He is the type of character who thrives on challenges, and he accepted and overcame that one. “We have the old Virat Kohli back thanks to a great break he took and some introspective self-knowledge.”

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