BPL 2022 Prize Money: How Much Do Bangladesh Premier League Winners & Runner Up Earns

Bangladesh Premier League is a cricket tournament that is played domestically and enjoyed worldwide. Bangladesh Premier League or BPL 2022 had already begun for this year. The format of the game is round robin with the participating teams facing each other at least once. Followed by Knockout rounds. The teams are based in Bangladesh.

Apart from winning the title trophy and the fame, the players and the team eye on the prize money also. The winners of the league get hefty sums. The criteria of this year’s prize money are similar to that of the previous season. So take a look at the details here, BPL 2022 Prize Money: How Much Do Bangladesh Premier League Winners & Runner Up Earns.

How Much Do Bangladesh Premier League Winners & Runner Up Earns: BPL 2022

Here is the entire table below which explains the prize money breakdown of the Bangladesh Premier League for this season. The eighth season of BPL 2022 is going to reward the winners of the league 850,000 USD. The league started off earlier this year, it began from 21st January to 18th February 2022.

StandingPrize MoneyNo of Team
Champion850,000 USD1
Runner-up350,000 USD1
3rd200k USD1
4th150k USD1
Players pool moneyNot ReportedN/A
Man of the match500k USDN/A
Man of the Tournament5000K USDN/A

Teams and money offered: BPL 2022 Prize Money

Previously in the year 2020, the funds could not be generated through sponsorship which is why the players s well the teams were not given the prize money that they expected. However, this year the organizers have generated an attractive sum of money. The teams who did not make it to the finals have been promised a sum of $350k USD, The team who ranks third in the points table earns a sum of $200k USD. Meanwhile, the team that finished fourth is entitled to a sum of 150k USD.

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Champions and Winners of BPL

The current champions of the BPL tournament are the Rajshahi Royals. They won their 1st title last year. The team is based in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. The team played their last season in 2019 and later on were excluded from playing the upcoming edition of the Bangladesh Premier League. The most successful team of the League is Minister Dhaka with 3 titles won under their name. They are based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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