Virat Kohli

After on-field umpires appeared to overlook the Indian cricketer’s infraction during Wednesday night’s T20 World Cup victory over Bangladesh at Adelaide Oval, Virat Kohli has been charged with “false fielding.”

Bangladesh was attempting to score runs in the capital of South Australia when Tigers opener Litton Das blasted a spinner Axar Patel’s delivery towards deep point before scurrying between the wickets for two runs.

Arshdeep Singh, an Indian seamer, retrieved the ball and threw it toward the wicketkeeper’s end, but Kohli pretended to throw the ball at the non-end. striker’s

As Singh’s throw past him from the deep, Kohli, who was fielding at a backward point, signaled the relay throw.

It is unfair for any fielder to purposefully try to confuse, deceive, or block either batter after the striker has received the ball, according to Law 41.5, which was put into effect in 2017.

The MCC’s Laws of Cricket Manager, Fraser Stewart, stated in 2017: “The reason for the establishment of this law was that fielders were deliberately claiming to have the ball in order to mislead the batters and prevent them from taking additional runs.

It was considered unjust.

Bangladesh would have received five penalty runs if on-field umpires Marais Erasmus and Chris Brown had thought Kohli was attempting to purposefully mislead the batter with his movements.

The rain-affected game ended with a five-run loss for the Tigers.

When speaking to reporters during the Super 12 game, Bangladesh wicketkeeper Nurul Hasan brought up Kohli’s “false throw.”

Hasan, as quoted in the press, commented “It could have been a five-run penalty.”

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Unfortunately, even that didn’t happen. That may have gone in our favor.

The “fake fielding” rule was first applied to Australian cricketer Marnus Labuschagne in September 2017 after he faked a throw at the stumps while playing for Queensland in a one-day domestic match by springing to his feet.

In the T20 World Cup’s history, Kohli surpassed Mahela Jayawardene, a legend from Sri Lanka, by scoring an undefeated 64 (44) against Bangladesh.

With 220 runs in four innings and a strike rate of 144.73, the 33-year-old is presently the tournament’s top run scorer.

Statement from Kohli

In the post-game ceremony, Player of the Match Kohli said, “As soon as I realized the World Cup was in Australia, I was happy from ear to ear.”

“I believed my Australian playing experience and game knowledge would be beneficial to the club. Playing on this field is something I adore doing. I immediately feel at home as soon as I go in thanks to the nets at the back.

“That MCG knock was meant to happen, but it seems like I’m meant to come here and enjoy my batting,” the player said.

At the MCG on Sunday night, India will take on Zimbabwe in the ensuing match. The first pitch is set for 7 p.m. AEDT.

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