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After his much-awaited battle versus Jake Paul, UK YouTube personality JJ “KSI” revealed his plans to retire from influencer boxing in a video posted to his channel on November 24. For a very long time, JJ and Jake had discussed playing each other.

Their rivalry began as early as 2018, which many regards as the beginning of YouTube/influencer boxing.

Image of KSI, from Wikipedia.

The anticipated fight between the two appears to be progressing well with JJ’s long-awaited return to boxing.

The Sidemen member has changed his mind about challenging Jake Paul in 2023. He did, however, emphasize that it would be his final contest against the American online sensation. He declared:

“Why don’t we just take it easy on this trip?” KSI exhorts supporters to cherish every second of his fighting career

KSI’s boxing career may be shorter than many fans initially anticipated given that he will turn 30 next year.

The YouTuber has long stated his desire to compete against Jake Paul. He has chosen to compete against other fighters, nevertheless, in order to train. One of them is Dillon Danis. JJ discussed it and said:

“I vowed to confront him in 2023. The sole purpose of my return to the boxing ring is to defeat Jake Paul. Therefore, I find it difficult to comprehend why people are whining about the opponents I face. Why don’t we simply relax and take it easy? Enjoy the journey.”

“I’m done after I fight Jake Paul, ladies, and gentlemen. I’ve stopped boxing. After establishing my legacy, I would put the gloves away permanently. Why then do we want to hurry that?”

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He continued, “The YouTuber/influencer boxing scene is currently hot, and Misfits are flying. Everyone is having a great time and enjoying themselves. Boxing is fun for me. The whole scene is entertaining. Everything is wonderful. Why do we want to hurry the finished product? Because you guys are going to miss it once it’s finished, you can bet on that.”

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