Junior Dos Santos Net Worth

Junior Dos Santos Almedia was born on 30th January 1984 in Ecuador, Santa Catarina, Brazil with two siblings was raised in not a very well off family, her mother had to raise three children alone after their father left when jr. Dos Santos was not even 10 years old. To support the family he started to work at the tender age of 10.

Fast forward in Jr. Dos Santos’s teenage years, he started training in Capoeira which is a Brazilian martial art, it is a combination of dance and acrobatics with complex and difficult moves. After Dos Santos realized his talent in martial arts he started seriously practicing Brazilian jiu-Jitsu under Yuri Calton at the age of 21 (in 2005), he won a few jiu-jitsu tournaments which seem to have boosted his ego for fighting even more. While participating in a boxing practice Dos Santos met Luiz Carlos Dorea who was also trained in mixed martial arts recognized his talents and trained him in boxing for roughly a year.

Junior Dos Santos Net Worth

Jr Dos Santos Almedia is still in training debut at the age of 22 (in 2006) in small fights in Brazil like Exhibition, promotion, demo matches and won 6 out of 7 matches. He then officially debut in UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Championship ) in 2008 in the heavyweight category. Won the heavyweight championship title in 2011 and ranked 3rd in the official heavyweight championship ranking in 2019.

In 2021 as of now, Junior Dos Santos has debuted as a pro-wrestler in AEW Rampage. Let us see what the future holds for dos Santos in the wrestling world.

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Junior Dos Santos Net Worth

Junior Dos Santos Almedia, Brazilian Mix Martial Artist in 2019 was recorded to have a Networth of 10 Million U.S. Dollars, not a surprise seeing that he was 3rd ranked heavyweight champion in the official UFC ranking board and the impressive 21 wins out of 30 matches in his career.

Junior Dos Santos Records

Dos Santos has an impressive Mix Martial Arts record of 21 wins and 9 losses in 30 matches.

July 2006demo fight 1, Brazil1-0 WIN
Dec 2006Minotauro fight 5, Brazil 2-0 WIN
April 2007XFC: Brazil3-0 WIN
April 2007XFC: Brazil 4-0 WIN
Sept 2007Mo Team League 2, Brazil 5-0 WIN
Nov 2007MTL: Final, Brazil 5-1 LOSS
May 2008Demo fight 3, Brazil 6-1 WIN
Oct 2008UFC90, United States7-1 WIN
Feb 2009UFC95, London8-1 WIN
Sept 2009UFC 103, United States 9-1 WIN
Jan 2010UFC 108, United States 10-1 WIN
March 2010 UFC Live: Vera vs Jones, United States 11-1 WIN
Aug 2010UFC 117, United States 12-1 WIN
June 2011UFC 131, United States 13-1 WIN
Nov 2011UFC on Fox : Velasquez vs Dos Santos, United States
Won UFC Heavyweight Championship
14-1 WIN
May 2012UFC 146, United States 15-1 WIN
Dec 2012UFC 155, United States 15-2 LOSS
May 2013UFC 160, United States 16-2 WIN
Oct 2013UFC 166, United States 16-3 LOSS
Dec 2014UFC on fox : Dos Santos vs Miocic, United States 17-3 WIN
Dec 2015UFC on Fox: Dos Santos vs Cowboy 2, United States 17-4 LOSS
April 2016UFC Fight Night: Rothwell vs Dos Santos, Croatia18-4 WIN
May 2017UFC 211, United States 18-5 LOSS
July 2018UFC Fight Night: Dos Santos vs Ivanov, United States 19-5 WIN
Dec 2018UFC Fight Night : Dos Santos vs Tuivasa, Australia20-5 WIN
March 2019UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs Dos Santos, United States 21-5 WIN
June 2019UFC on ESPN: Ngannou vs Dos Santos, United States 21-6 LOSS
Jan 2020UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs Dos Santos, United States 21-7 LOSS
Aug 2020UFC 252, United States 21-8 LOSS
Dec 2020 UFC 256, United States 21-9 LOSS

Dos Santo’s first debut to Light Heavyweight was in XFC: Brazil on 29 April 2007 against Edson Remos in which dos Santos won.

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On 12 November 2011 Dos Santos won the title of UFC Heavyweight Championship against Velasquez who he Knocked Out with his punch.

Junior Dos Santos Salary

Junior Dos Santos Almedia from UFC 90 to UFC 256 total Career earning is Seven Million Hundred and Ten Thousand U.S ( 7,110,000 us dollars). Dollars. he earned his career highest salary in UFC 252 and UFC 256 making a grand total of Five Hundred and Twenty thousand US Dollars ( 520,000 us dollars) in each fight.

Junior Dos Santos Endorsement

Junior Dos Santos Almedia lost a lot of endorsement from many companies including Nike while he was in the UFC Heavyweight Championship because UFC had a uniform deal with Reebok for 6 years worth 70 Million US Dollars match, in which it stated that players who participated in the UFC shall only wear Reebok branded uniform (costume) in the Octagon.

But after Dos Santos’s debut in wrestling first appeared in AEW Rampage, Nike endorsed Dos Santos and made his iconic Nike custom boxing shoes which he wore in the ring in AEW Rampage.

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