It’s not every day that an NBA player, let alone a nine-time NBA All-Star and first-time NBA MVP, goes up to the stands and hands his devoted fan his jersey. But last Tuesday, fans witnessed just that when Westbrook spotted a young fan wearing four of his jerseys.


The fan with four Westbrook jerseys

At a game between Utah Jazz and LA Clippers in Seattle, Westbrook noticed one young fan among hundreds of spectators in the stands. The fan was wearing four of his jerseys in LA Clippers, Oklahoma City Thunder, LA Lakers, and Houston Rockets. And Westbrook, being the kind soul that he is, gave him one of his own signed, game-used jerseys as a token of his appreciation for his fan. 

When the young fan in the video was asked about what that moment meant to him, he said, “Everything! This is my first ever basketball game I’ve been to! It was his idea, he was like ‘bring all your jerseys’ and then I brought them all and I showed him. I was so persistent. My mom, she stood up and she started screaming. We got his attention. I took off all my jerseys, I couldn’t be more happy.”

He then proceeded to enumerate the reasons why he became an avid fan of Westbrook, “He’s athletic, he’s explosive, he gives back to his community. The man gives 100% every time he steps on the court.”

Caught on camera, the moment was subsequently shared on X by Tomer Azarly and Clutchpoints, where, under the post, people praised Ross for being the ‘best dude in the league’. One fan also took this opportunity to flaunt Westbrook’s character, saying “This guy does not deserve the shit people throw at him. Every teammate loves him, he’s shows up to play, and is fucking awesome. Good work Russ!”

At a press conference, Westbrook was also asked about the fan, to which he replied, “When you travel the world and see dedicated and true fans especially at his age, I’m grateful for that. I don’t take any of the people that support me for granted. I just felt like he should get another jersey like mine.”

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Westbrook gifts teammates with iPhones

Westbrook also made headlines earlier this month when reports surfaced that he gave iPhones and boxes packed with goods from his own apparel line, Honor The Gift, to teammates over a private dinner in Delilah. His teammates were all grateful for bringing them all together and taking them out for dinner. Mason Plumlee, in particular, said that he hasn’t had a teammate do something like that before.

Meanwhile, Terance Mann also stated that Westbrook was genuine, saying “You could tell it was genuine. That he has done this before, in terms of bringing people together.”

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The photo above is from a YouTube screengrab

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