As unbelievable as it may seem, the Detroit Pistons have ended November without a single victory, much to the dismay of their supporters.

Smith calls Pistons ‘an atrocity’

So far, the team has only won two games in the season, and that was when they went against the Charlotte Hornets and the Chicago Bulls on October 28 and 29, respectively. And since then, the team has never recovered from their back-to-back losses this month. 

On Thursday, as the team squared off against the LA Lakers at the Little Caesars Arena, they registered their fifteenth consecutive loss in the season, crushing the hearts of all Pistons fans in the stands. 

And watching the game, Stephen A. Smith could not help but give an honest opinion of the losing team, calling it an ‘atrocity’.

“I love me some Monty Williams. I know this man can coach, we saw what he did and take the Phoenix to the finals, but this is a bad situation,” Smith began.

Monty Williams had led the Suns in only their third NBA finals in 2021. Over the course of his four seasons with the Suns, he posted a record of 194-115 in the regular season, and his .628 winning percentage was considered the third best in the franchise’s history. He also got named ‘Coach of The Year’ twice during his tenure with the Suns. Unfortunately, Williams got fired just two days after the Suns lost to the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference semifinal series.

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“Mad respect and love, wishing them nothing but the best, but 15th straight losses, you don’t expect that. This is an atrocity that is happening right now,” Smith continued.

The host and analyst of The First Take went on to remark that he genuinely “hopes and prays” that the Destroit can improve their circumstances because they have many excellent members, which he inherently roots for.

Coach Williams says Pistons ‘stuggle with adversity’

As the Pistons went home with their heads down on Thursday, suffering a 133-107 defeat against the Lakers, Williams says that the team ‘struggles with adversity’ and that it was his responsibility to support the players in getting through the tough times.

The coach advised them that persevering through a difficult period is one way they may earn respect—both in this game and in life.

With a 2-16 record, the Pistons have fallen to the bottom of the Western Conference rankings (15th place).

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