The Los Angeles Clippers have been the subject of ridicule on social media in recent weeks due to their string of concerning losses. 

This has led Clippers fans to take their anger out on James Harden, who has been accused of having a detrimental effect on the Clippers’ team chemistry and of introducing a “curse” that he’s supposedly brought with him everywhere he goes.

While some fans tried to look at it irrationally and blame Harden’s unlucky aura, others tried to look at it objectively. 

The Clippers have a good team—consisting of basketball icons Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Russell Westbrook—but perhaps too many great talents can spoil the chemistry. And with Harden thrown into the mix, the team has struggled, evidently, in the young NBA season.

Observing the plays, it’s obvious that Westbrook and Harden are hungry to have the ball. And according to some Gilbert Arenas, Harden is still playing point guard, a role that Westbrook has already taken

So, who’s going to give in?

Fans are proud at Russell Westbrook

Last night, Russell Westbrook finally gave in, took consideration of the team’s position, and conceded. Reportedly, Westbrook approached a coaching staff and requested to come off the bench in order for the Harden-Leonard-George chemistry to kick in.

Knowing how hard this decision may have been for the player, fans immediately lauded Westbrook for his sacrifice for the team and stated that the point guard is a true team player. 

News of Westbrook taking a massive paycut this offseason also came up in conversations, causing people to applaud his character even more.

LA Clippers’ first win in weeks

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Immediately after Westbrook came off the bench, the LA Clippers were able to secure their first victory after a six-game consecutive loss.

They managed to end the Houston Rockets’ six-game winning streak with a 100-106 victory

James Harden made one of the most amazing plays of the game. The teams were tied near the end of the fourth quarter, 100-100, but when Leonard handed the ball off to Harden, he hit a game-winning three-point shot that got a huge round of applause and roars from the fans. 

This Clippers’ record now stands at 4-7.

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