Currently playing with the Denver Nuggets in the National Basketball Association (NBA), Nikola Jokic is a Serbian-born professional basketball player. His birth took place in Sombor, Serbia, on February 19, 1995. Jokic is renowned for his superb passing skills, flexibility, and great basketball IQ. As the current NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the 2020–21 season, he has shown to be among the league’s top centers.

Jokic has spent his whole professional career with the Denver Nuggets after being selected by them in the second round of the 2014 NBA Draught. He has twice been selected for the NBA All-Star team and has been chosen to the First Team of the All-NBA. The Denver Nuggets’ success has been greatly attributed to Jokic, who also helped the team advance to the Western Conference Finals in the 2020 NBA Playoffs.

Where was Nikola Jokic taken in the draught?

Nikola Jokic was not a player that many NBA clubs were excited about selecting in the 2014 NBA draught and were largely unknown. As the 41st pick in the draught, he was chosen with a low pick.

In the Adriatic League of Serbia, Jokic was then a professional player for Mega Vizura. Although as a young player, he had shown some promise, his draught standing was not particularly high because of his lack of athleticism and doubts about his ability to defend in the NBA.

According to sportskeeda, the Denver Nuggets opted to take a chance on Jokic in the second round of the draught after noticing something about him. The Nuggets’ choice has greatly benefited them as Jokic has grown to be one of the league’s top players and a pillar of their club.

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A remarkable illustration of how talent can be discovered in unlikely places if teams are willing to take a chance on unproven individuals, Jokic’s selection at the 41st choice is regarded as one of the biggest steals in NBA franchise history.

Nikola Jokic made an impact on the NBA in his first season 

One of the most amazing success stories in recent NBA history was selected in the second round of the 2014 NBA Draught.

Jokic was not anticipated to make much of an impact in the NBA because he was a relatively undiscovered prospect. He soon disproved those who had doubted him, though, and turned into one of the league’s most imposing players.

Due to Jokic’s success as a late second-round choice, many other NBA clubs are now paying more attention to players from other countries and those who may not have garnered as much attention in the United States. His rise from unheralded potential to NBA superstar is proof of the value of perseverance, hard effort, and a positive outlook.

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