A fascinating secret is known as the “trade kicker” in the exciting world of NBA contracts. Consider the enormous five-year, $304 million agreement signed by Jaylen Brown with the Boston Celtics.

This alluring provision, which guarantees Brown a financial incentive if he is ever moved, is tucked away in the fine print. It’s like a well-kept secret that gives the already thrilling world of basketball transactions an added thrill!

In the high-stakes world of basketball trades, the deal kicker is the ultimate game-changer. Combining bonuses and barriers, it tempts with a one-time trade payout of up to 15% of the player’s income.

However, there’s still more! This smart provision serves as a no-trade shield specifically created for each individual. It’s contract wizardry, giving the court style and grace.

Which players’ contracts have trade kickers?

A tiny group of athletes have secretly negotiated and acquired the elusive and deftly calculated “special clause,” one of the best-kept secrets in the sports world. This special clause, frequently hidden from view, isn’t simply for the game’s brightest stars; rather, it’s a cunning financial strategy that teams skillfully use to arrange their financial symphony.

These “contract whispers” give players a special advantage, like a secret ace beneath their sleeves, enabling them to masterfully negotiate the turbulent waters of professional sports. Therefore, the next time a sports contract takes an unexpected turn, you might just see the mysterious “special clause” working its charm and weaving its magic.

Player Team Contact Details Clause Percentage
Giannis Antetokounmpo Milwaukee Bucks 5-year, $228.2M supermax extension 15%
Bogdan Bogdanovic Atlanta Hawks 4-year, $72M contract 15%
Jalen Brunson New York Knicks 4-year, $104M contract 10%
Draymond Green Golden State Warriors 4-year, $100M contract 15%
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