Amidst all the NBA pre-season hoopla, former Phoenix Suns first-round pick Josh Jackson stole the public attention when his two grave offenses from last year came to light once again, sparking a social media uproar.

According to reports, the woman, who used the alias “Jane Doe” to conceal her identity, filed two charges against Jackson: one for sexual assault and the other for encouraging a break-in at her apartment.

The Super Bowl After-Party

The complete specifics of the incident were revealed in a piece by Daniel Libit of Sportico last August.

The nightmare began on February 13, 2022, at a Super Bowl afterparty co-hosted by Chicago Bulls center Andre Drummonds. Smitten by Drummonds, the woman decided to attend the party, and it was there that she unexpectedly met Jackson.

Following the celebration, it is reported that the woman, Jackson, and a number of other individuals proceeded to a nightclub. As the woman was on her way home, she received a message from Jackson inviting her to accompany him and offering her a sum of one and a half thousand dollars for sex.

Sexual Assault

The woman agreed and hopped in the uber that Jackson had arranged for her, anticipating to see Drummonds at his New York Edition Hotel room. However, when she went into his room, she was puzzled to see that Jackson was the only person there. She then swiftly revealed her motives for going to his room, stating that she was not there for sex and declining his money.

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“I am not here for your money, “she said, as per The Kansas City Star. “I am not a gold digger.”

Then, the woman, who was intoxicated and fatigued after a night of drinking, chose to lie down on a bed and promptly fell asleep. However, when she awoke, she claimed that Jackson had ‘ripped her clothes’ and sexually assaulted her, leading to her passing out in a state of extreme shock and fear. Upon regaining consciousness, she exited the room and subsequently visited a pharmacy to purchase an emergency contraceptive.

The Break-In

Her traumatic experience, though, didn’t stop there. Later that day, the woman allegedly received ominous texts from a man who turned out to be one of Jackson’s associate, accusing her of robbing Jackson of his watch.

Following the texts, Sportico reported that two women, believed to be sisters, who were dressed in hoodies invaded the residence of the woman in an attempt to locate the watch, resulting in a physical altercation and theft.

They were then apprehended by the doormen and arrested by NYPD officers, who charged them with stealing and criminal trespassing. Since then, the woman has obtained temporary restraining orders against the sisters.

“This case is not about money for the (woman),” her lawyer, Seamus Barrett, told The Kansas City Star. “It is about making sure the defendants, including Mr. Jackson, are held to account for their outrageous and unlawful actions.”


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