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Jimmy Butler dismissed any reservations about his team’s potential when he was questioned earlier this month about his feelings over the team’s dreadful 1-4 record and three-game losing streak. Instead, he said that this time he felt confident in their team and knew they could win.

Well, it turns out Butler was right. After losing to Brooklyn Nets 105-109 and plummeting near the bottom of the Eastern Conference rankings, the Heat swiftly changed their trajectory and bagged a W in their next match-up against the Washington Wizards, 121-114.

The team then achieved back-to-back wins against the Los Angeles Lakers and the Memphis Grizzlies, both of which were led by Butler and Herro. 

However, after Herro went down with an ankle injury during the Grizzlies match, the team experienced a period of uncertainty, as they were now without one of their primary scorers. 

Fortunately, this was soon alleviated when they were able to secure a victory against the Memphis Grizzlies 108-102, and the team subsequently won four more times on their way.

In total, the Miami Heat have now achieved a total of seven consecutive victories, which is the longest winning run of any team at the moment, and as a result, this brought their record to 3-8 and has propelled them to the third position in the Eastern Conference standings.

Miami Heat’s latest win

So far, the Heat have proven that their roster this year has some of the most powerful teamwork.

In their latest win against the Nets, all of the members played superbly, with Butler posting 36 points, Robinson with 26 points, Adebayo with 20 points, and Jaquez with 10 points. 

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At one point during the fourth quarter, the players were observed in perfect coordination even though they were far apart, passing around the ball on court and confusing the Nets players as to who to guard. In the end, it was Robinson, who played in place of Herro, who took the shot and made the three-pointer.

Hyped up by their latest feat, the fans rejoiced on social media, celebrating the Heat for bouncing back harder than any team this season.

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