Kyrie Irving has been off to a hot start this season, averaging 24.4 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 5.5 assists with his new team, Dallas Mavericks. The point guard has also formed a powerful duo with Mavs superstar Luka ‘Magic’ Doncic, who’s mostly known for his jaw-dropping hat tricks on court. 

Although it’s probably too early to tell, the team has achieved success in their lineup this season; Irving has been fitting nicely with the team’s chemistry and has been instrumental in several of  Dallas’ victories. So far, the team has a record of 10-6, and is currently seated in the fifth spot in the Western Conference standings.

But while Irving is experiencing progress with the Mavs, the media couldn’t help but ask about his tenure with the Brooklyn Nets and about how he, Harden, and Durant (the ‘Big Three’) failed to clinch themselves a Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.

Irving: ‘It’s kind of like one of those times that got away’

On Sunday, the Mavericks went head-to-head against the LA Clippers for the second time this season. And although they had won the previous bout (144-126), the Clippers, who finally established their groove, outplayed them this time. 

The team suffered its sixth loss of the season, losing 107-88 to the Clippers on arena. 

Amidst the players competing at the arena, though, are two teammates who were both part of the Big 3: Mavs’ Kyrie Irving and Clippers’ Harden.

And in seeing them together on court, one reporter couldn’t help but ask Irving in a post-match interview about how things transpired with the Nets.

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Irving didn’t shy away from the topic and said that it was unfortunate for him, Harden, and Durant to become a part of NBA history’s ‘what ifs’.

He added that even with all the outside influences that came into play—such as the “vaccine stuff, and mandates in New York City, and just the ups and downs of scenarios and circumstances”—they did have a few successful seasons and performed well overall.

He proceeded to liken his time with the Nets to that of human relationships, saying that the Nets was like ‘the girl that got away,’

“I don’t look at that aspect of my career as disappointing. I think just think it’s kind of like one of those times that got away, the girl that got away, and it’ll hurt you for the rest of your life.”

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