Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green entertained X users on October 9 when WarriorsMuse posted a video of the player reading and speaking Chinese, to which they captioned it, “One bad game for Dray and this clip will be all over the timeline.”

The netizens fondly responded to the post by recounting the moments where two other Warriors also made a similar video in the past. On August 28, Buttcrack Sports posted a video of Klay Thompson in an office setting, seemingly hard at work, when the phone suddenly rang to his right and he answered in Chinese.

“One bad game for Klay and this clip will be all over the timeline”

Meanwhile, Stephen Curry’s video of speaking in Chinese also spread on X.

One fan in particular, hilariously nicknamed the three “Warriors Big 3 “Ni Hao” Trifecta”.

Another user also commented on the post, saying “At this rate we’re gonna have memeable stuff from every Warriors player saying Chinese stuff by the end of the season lol.”

Meanwhile, multiple fans commented with the famous fake meme quote, “Get ready to learn Chinese, buddy,” that Adam Silver ‘supposedly’ said to Kyrie Irving in November 2022.

This popular expression suggests that the basketball player has been performing below average and might soon find himself out of the league, as per knowyourmeme. And, in light of the possibility of playing in the Chinese Basketball Association after being kicked out of the NBA, the player in this scenario is urged to study the language.

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Recently, Draymond Green was reported to have sustained a lateral ankle injury. Fortunately, the 33-year old recovered and is expected to be available on the opening night, as per ESPN’s Kendra Andrews.

“Kendra Andrews on Draymond Green’s injury:

– Will miss first 3 preseason games
– Questionable for last 2 preseason games
– Assured/highly likely he’s available for opening night

Draymond Green will not miss any time to start the season.”

Green is in his 12th season in the NBA after signing a four-year $100 million contract extension with the Warriors.

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