After a video of Warriors forward Draymond Green getting ejected from a game went viral on X, numerous social media users took to the platform to berate Green for his alleged ‘dirty play’ on the court. Green, in turn, shared a message on Instagram, seemingly directed towards his haters.

Draymond Green’s message on Instagram

Just hours after Green’s ejection went viral, the 33-year-old swiftly shared an indignant message on his Instagram that could only be addressed to those who criticized him after the incident.

The power forward wrote, 

“I’m in year 12 and yall still telling me to stop being Draymond. Don’t get a tech…blah blah blah. 12 years later and yall still trying to coach me on how to be ME? I am better at being Draymond than ANYBODY!! Imagine if I told yall how to do your job. You’d look at me crazy… I thought yall should know how dumb you all look trying to tell me how to be me. If yall had some advice for your own lives the world would be a much better place and you be FAR better at your JOB than your mediocre outputs. Happy Sunday good people! Right back at it like an addict!

Warriors vs. Cavaliers: Why Green was ejected

Draymond Green and Cleveland’s shooting guard Donovan Mitchell first encountered a scuffle in the third quarter, with only 6:42 minutes remaining on the clock. Mitchell was dribbling when suddenly Green reached for the ball and managed to steer it away from Mitchell’s hands. But Mitchell, who was determined to keep Green’s hands off the ball, dove for it, and they both tumbled to the ground, resulting in a foul for Mitchell.

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The second scuffle began only a few seconds after the time had resumed. Around that time, Caris LeVert went for the basket and made a layup over Klay Thompson to give the Cavaliers a 10-point lead (76-66). But if one looks closely, just a few strides away from them, Green shoved Mitchell into the first row under the basket, and yet no foul was called.

Frustrated, Mitchell quickly scrambled back to his feet and ran straight to Green, who now had the ball in his hands, and pushed him in retaliation. 

The altercation quickly escalated, with players and referees intervening to separate the two. At this point, Mitchell was still pointing to where he had just been pushed by Green, and he asked the officials to look over the video of the incident.

After taking a closer look at the play, both referees called a foul on both players. Mitchell was called for a flagrant, and Green was given a technical foul, and with this being his second one, Green got ejected from the game.

Mitchell, who was elated at his foe’s ejection, gestured “peace out”. 

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