The Warriors have continued to find themselves in unfavorable situations this season. Earlier this month, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson got ejected for getting involved in a scuffle with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Green, for one, got slapped with a 5-game suspension on top of it.

And in Thursday’s game against the Suns, the Warriors’ point guard Chris Paul officially got added to the list.

And it’s for a reason that’s gotten more and more common these days: arguing with an official over a call.

With only a few seconds left on the clock, Paul was flagged down for a foul while guarding his former teammate, Kevin Durant.

And while Durant got to the line to shoot his free throw, Paul and referee Scott Foster could be seen in the background, still arguing about the call.

The heated spat went on even as the game was about to resume, and deciding he’d had enough of Paul’s chirp, Foster hit him with another whistle for a technical foul.

He then walked away from Paul with the ball in his hand, ready to officiate the game, but Paul refused to let it go and pointed at him, continuing to argue even as they now had distance.

Foster quickly hit him with another foul, subsequently signaling and saying, ‘Get out! ’ to which Paul responded aggressively by saying, “You’re a b****!” twice.

Curry had to step in and hold Paul back to diffuse the situation. After getting two techs, Paul was ejected from the game. He finished with six points, six assists, and two rebounds in 17 minutes of play, as per ESPN.

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Warriors Coach Steve Kerr, on the other hand, got frustrated with the second tech, believing that “it was unnecessary.” And in place of Paul, the second spat ensued. Kerr was also handed a foul by Foster for complaining.

Warriors fall to 7-9

With Draymond Green and Chris Paul out of the game and Curry still struggling to return to form after his injury, Thompson had led the team with 23 points.

Despite the Warriors’ valiant efforts to turn the situation around, they ultimately lost to the Suns by an 8-point margin, 123-115, handing them their ninth defeat of the season and causing their record to go down to 7-9.

The Warriors are currently in 11th place in the Western Conference standings.

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