The off-season saw a blockbuster deal take place that sent Damian Lillard to the Milwaukee Bucks and Jrue Holiday to the Boston Celtics. The players weren’t initially happy with the outcome, as Lillard was vying to become a part of Heat, and Holiday only wanted to stay with the Bucks.

But, as their fate was not up to them, all they could do was accept it, albeit against their will, and try to fit in with their new team. 

Holiday, for one, had to deal with the shock of being traded by the team, as according to his wife, Lauren Holiday, the point guard was given no heads-up whatsoever and just woke up from his nap to learn that he’s off the team. 

Eventually, though, this ultimately proved to be advantageous for Holiday, as he perfectly fit into the Celtics chemistry and helped them clinch multiple victories in the young NBA season.

So far, the Celtics are currently at the top of Eastern Conference standings with an impeccable record of 12-3, only losing games against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Philadelphia 76ers, and Charlotte Hornets.

As they moved on to their next game, Holiday came face-to-face for the first time with his former team, the Milwaukee Bucks.

Before the game, however, Holiday made a quick trip to the Bucks locker room, where he was greeted warmly by his former team-mates. And everyone could tell just how much they missed him.

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Even Lillard, who took his place in the franchise, engaged in a seemingly fun conversation with Holiday on court.

It seems both players are at peace now; even Holiday doesn’t seem to hold grudges against the franchise that sent him packing without warning.

“I think they got what they wanted so I can’t be mad at that… I’m in the best place that I can be to compete against them,” Holiday said, via Celtics on NBC Sports Boston.

Celtics win against Bucks

On Thursday, the two teams clashed in a riveting bout.

And the Celtics, who escaped a close call, managed to keep their top spot with a win against the Bucks, 119-116.

The Boston Celtics will play against the Orlando Magic next.

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