The fair play takes front stage as the NBA cracks down on flopping! Say goodbye to ludicrous antics as the league implements a new flopping regulation. A free throw for the opposing side will be awarded to players who try to trick referees beginning in 2024–2025. Repeat offenders are penalized with technical fouls to maintain fair play. Get ready for heated basketball action as the NBA creates a level playing field.

A possibly game-changing rule will be tested throughout the upcoming season. According to Shams Charania’s report:

“Just in: The NBA Board of Governors has approved two new gameplay changes for the 2023-24 season, per sources:

“In-game penalty for flops resulting in technical foul free throw

“A second coach’s challenge is awarded if the first challenge is successful,” an article from wrote.

Coaches take the win confidently! Watch coaches confidently use their influence to easily make important calls while you watch the game like never before. With the new rule, hesitation is no longer an option, opening the door for thrilling twists that excite spectators and give players and coaches equal control. Prepare for an exciting time when obstacles determine fate; every second matters on the road to success.

The anti-flopping rule is the NBA’s game-changer for exposing fraud. End the stage tricks now! Referees cannot penalize; video replays make decisions. Basketball stories are altered when authenticity takes hold.

Violation Fine
2 $5,000
3 $10,000
4 $15,000
5 $30,000

When a player commits a sixth offense, the NBA reserves the power to increase the fine amount and, in some cases, impose a ban or other kinds of punishment. The NBA will decide the particular penalties after the fifth infraction, demonstrating their dedication to upholding the integrity of the game.

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