The LA Clippers and LA Lakers will square off in a fierce back-to-back game at the Crypto.com Arena on Wednesday, November 1st, at 10:00 p.m. ET. With this game, the Clippers begin a run of road games that will end on November 12 with a matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies. The availability of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard is uncertain, as the Lakers’ injury report is still unreleased after their most recent game against the Orlando Magic.

Early in the season, the Clippers are being cautious with how much time its studs Leonard and George spend playing. In all four games, both players have participated. James Harden’s expected absence tonight is due to the unfinished nature of his deal.

Due to outstanding difficulties with the 76ers management office prior to the deal, Harden has not yet participated in any games this season. Nevertheless, Harden will have four days to be ready for his Clippers debut before the following game.

James Harden is expected to suit up for the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday. He is scheduled to make his debut at Madison Square Garden against the New York Knicks. All indications point to this promising possibility, which may add a new aspect to the contest and provide fans with an intriguing preview of Harden’s debut with the Clippers. In one of the most famous arenas in basketball, people are excitedly awaiting his performance in this highly anticipated tournament.

The LA Clippers’ focus this season, according to Russell Westbrook, is winning.

As he begins his first full season with the Los Angeles Clippers since joining the team in February 2023, former NBA MVP Russell Westbrook is composed and focused. His only goal is to win his first NBA championship. Westbrook states that he and the team are completely in sync as they work towards this team victory, highlighting a common goal and unwavering drive for success on the court.

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“I do think we have a good core foundation of how we want to play, and we know what that takes now. Plugging and playing and figure out what groups work well together and what groups don’t, we will get that as the season goes along.” an article from sportskeeda.com shared.

James Harden’s departure has made the Los Angeles Clippers serious contenders for a championship. The lineup tactic used by coach Tyronn Lue with four megastars presents an interesting problem. After joining the Clippers on April 6, 2023, Russell Westbrook defeated his previous team. This is Westbrook’s second meeting with the LA Lakers since he left in February 2023. As excitement for their upcoming matchup grows, the NBA rivalry flares up again.

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The end of 76ers-Harden Saga

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