Baseball is one of the most played and famous spots in South Korea. Baseball was introduced by American missionary in Korea in 1905. Due to its popularity, South Korea even has a domestic Baseball League which is held annually.

The KBO League is the highest level ofBaseball League played in South Korea. The league was first played in 1982 with six teams participating in the inaugural tournament and now the league has extended with 10 teams from various Korean City.

Since it’s inaugural in 1982, 40 seasons of KBO has been played till date. Many outstanding players have come out from this League and have made their name on international stage. One of the most famous Korean players is Shin Soo Choo.

Shin Soo Choo is a South Korean Professional baseball player born in Busan on July 13, 1982. Shain used to play for SSG Landers in KBO. He has also played in Major League Baseball for various teams. Shin made his debut for Major League Baseball on April 21, 2005.

He started playing for Seattle Mariners and played for them for one year from 2005-2006. Then from 2006 till 2012, he played for Cleveland Indians and then in 2013 he played for Cincinnati Reds and then in 2014 he played for his last MLB team Texas Rangers.

He was the MVP and All Star in 2018. Shin currently plays for KBO team SSG Landers and is one of the most influential players in South Korea. Choo apart from Baseball also does philanthropy. He donated various sums of amount for Covid hit people in America and Korea.

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Shin is not only a good basketball player but also very good human. People of Korea admire him a lot and dream to become are human like him both in terms of basketball and philanthropy.

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