Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton is one of the strongest baseball players. When he hits a home run into the bleachers, this is never more obvious. Due of his extraordinary strength, he consistently ranks among the league leaders in exit velocity.

Stanton is aware that this is both symbolically and physically his strength on the field. Even a holiday didn’t deter him from continuing his regular exercise regimen in an effort to increase his strength.

While many people were out celebrating New Year’s Eve or at the very least having fun, he posted a photo of himself working out late last night. Stanton was working diligently while everyone else was having a good time and drinking.

Although his production can be questioned, his work ethic cannot really criticized. Despite being a regular All-Star and winner of the MVP award, his fans feel that there are some aspects of his game that need improvement. Some respect his work ethic and are aware of how hard he works. Some people want to see something that genuinely enhances performance on the field.

The MVP-caliber talent the Yankees acquired in the Stanton trade hasn’t quite materialized. When healthy and not injured, he has been a fairly effective player, but he hasn’t hit 59 home runs as he did in his final season with the Miami Marlins. If he stays healthy and performs at his best level again, 2023 might be the year.

The Yankees’ Giancarlo Stanton statistics

Giancarlo Stanton has not performed poorly as a Yankee, despite the dissatisfaction of the fans. During Aaron Judge’s time on injured reserve, he even served as the inspiration for a handful of the Yankee teams. He recorded respectable totals of 4.2 fWAR and 128 wRC+ in 2018. He missed much of the year 2019 due to injury, but when he did play, he had a 139 wRC+.

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Stanton’s 2020 was cut short by injury, but despite that, he still managed a brilliant 143 wRC+ and a.500 slugging percentage.

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